FlySpaces covers a complete digital solution to manage all of your spaces, from lead through to payment. All in one easy-to-use platform.

Manage Your Leads

With your Venues setup and listed on FlySpaces, you are now ready to accept visit requests, inquiries, and bookings. Still not listed on our platform? Get started here

With a redesigned platform to manage all your Venues and Space listings, there are some key new features that will help you receive more leads, improve communication with clients, and ultimately, get more bookings.

Learn How to Manage Your Leads

Learn how to effectively manage your leads on FlySpaces and gain some secret insider tips on how to leverage communication to better close those deals!

LEAD - A client showing interest for one of your listed spaces. Client can either request a visit or an inquiry. This request will populate under your “leads” table within your account.

Proposal - If dates and rates and any add ons are agreed, space partners (you) can send a proposal. The proposal has an automatic online booking link embedded, making reservation and payment available immediately.

Payments - Track all transactions done through FlySpaces. See revenue generated from the partnership and number of spaces sold.

We know that leads are the lifeblood of your workspace so we have developed a dashboard to add improved visibility, notifications, and functionality. A lead can come in the form of a Visit Request or an Inquiry.

From your Leads & Bookings dashboard you will be able to:

View the details of all incoming leads

manageyourleads Message potential clients

manageyourleads Send proposals

Once you have decided to accept a lead, you can discuss the details with your customer using the Messages tool. You can access this tool via the Leads dashboard, or via the side navigation menu.

Similar to any other messaging tool, (like Facebook!) you are able to manage conversations with all of your customers. It’s important to note that for every new lead, there will be a new conversation created. This allows conversation details to be clearly linked to a lead.

From Messages, you will be able to:

  • View details of the lead request within the conversation window
  • Discuss any specific requirements from your customer, such as catering needs, access to conference room, or any other type of business need
  • Send a proposal to the customer once details have been confirmed

Once details have been confirmed via Messages, you can confirm all details with a proposal. Proposals can be sent via Messages, or via the Leads & Bookings dashboard. The simple process for confirming bookings is as follows:

From Messages, you will be able to:

  1. Send your proposal with a payment link
  2. Clients will receive your proposal. If terms are not quite agreed upon, you can discuss and then resend another proposal if terms change. The proposal will be displayed in your Leads & Bookings dashboard.
  3. If the client agrees, then they can proceed to pay via our secure online Stripe system.
  4. You will be notified of the successful payment and the booking will be visible on our Leads & Bookings dashboard.

Now that the booking is complete, don’t forget to ask your client for a review of your space! More positive reviews will increase the visibility of your space and encourage others to inquire. It’s a win-win!