Wellness Assessment

Keep your workplace and employees safe - in the most efficient way.

 FlySpaces partners with NEO Group to pilot Wellness Assessment software for a safer entry to the workplace 

“Our  first line of defense  in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our buildings is to ensure all employees coming to their offices in the buildings have filled up the Health Checklist...We need to  fully leverage science and technology in this battle to contain and eliminate the pandemic , especially in the real estate business which covers the places and buildings we all live, work, and play in.” - Raymund Rufino, CEO of NEO Group


What is Wellness Assessment?

Wellness Assessment equips you with the right tools to maintain a safe workplace. For your tenants and employees, it’s an accessible and easy-to-use online health declaration form they can answer from their phone; for you, it’s an effective way to track employee health and office capacity in real-time, and make data-driven decisions as the situation changes.

How it Works


Step 1. Employees fill up a quick health survey before work.

The survey will be sent via SMS, Viber, Whatsapp, or email - whichever you prefer.

Step 2. The system will determine certain protocols based on the survey answers.

Employees will be sent instructions on whether or not to report to work, based on their answers on the survey.

Step 3. If cleared, the employee will receive a unique QR code valid for 24 hours.

This QR code will enable them to enter the building/workspace for the day.

Step 4. Track the results from your dashboard, and be alerted for any suspected or confirmed cases.

You can see how many have accessed your space for the day, and who, if any, may need monitoring or quarantine.

Are you a Landlord, Flexible Space Operator, or a Business Owner?

Preparing your workplace for the new normal likely wasn’t easy. Creating a new set of policies, rearranging office furniture, and installing hand sanitizing stations, among others—we’re sure you took all the necessary steps to reopen your workplace safely.

But reopening is just the first step. With people coming in and out of your workplace once more, a challenge remains in making sure policies are followed and the risk of infection is lowered. Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for your tenants, clients, and employees requires day-to-day monitoring, and a robust, flexible plan for all kinds of situations. 

Enter Wellness Assessment.

Why Use Wellness Assessment?


Track employee and workplace readiness

Efficiently administer customized online health surveys to tenants and employees through various channels based on preferred entry time. Monitor employee health and access to your building or office, and help prevent unnecessary building closures.

Smoothly integrate with your existing protocols

Wellness assessment forms are customizable to fit your current protocols. The system also only calls for phones that can scan QR codes.

Act quickly based on insights

Get notified of any suspect or confirmed cases, and adapt quickly to any changing situations.

Make data-driven decisions

See survey results and other relevant data in real-time through your dashboard.
Need more info? Download our Wellness Assessment Guide, or send a message to roberto@flyspaces.com to book a free demo.

FlySpaces and Lundi have built a joint venture in order to bring Lundi’s topnotch HR technology to Southeast Asia, through FlySpaces’ extensive network of workspace operators across the region. 

Lundi is a Europe-based technology company specializing in HR software. Lundi works with Forbes Global 2000 companies to meet their global talent acquisition, immigration and regulatory compliance needs. Lundi is now helping hundreds of customers keep their workplace safe with their new solution for employee wellness monitoring.

Interested in keeping your workforce safe?

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