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With the increasing number of companies, startups, and communities in Singapore, there is a growing demand for event spaces that can cater to different genres of events. Product launches, milestone celebrations, corporate workshops, or end-of-year galas are just some of the examples. At FlySpaces we know that event venues aren't a one-size-fits-all, which is why we have a curated list of the best event spaces suited for different functions, different budgets, and different sizes.

Most coworking operators in Singapore have large communal spaces that are usually converted to be used as event spaces. Coworking operators like JustCo, Collision 8, WeWork have event spaces designed mainly to accommodate regular “community events” - networking sessions commonly organised by coworking spaces.

Why Choose Flyspaces

Due to the high population density of the city-state, Singapore has expensive restrictions on private cars. However, buses, trains, and taxis remain as popular modes of transport due to the relatively cheap fares. The country also has some of Asia's busiest sea and air trade routes, with Changi Airport as an aviation centre in the region.

One of the original Four Asian Tigers, Singapore has a highly developed market economy. The city-state continues to attract plenty of foreign investment due to its location, skilled workforce, low tax rates, advanced infrastructure, and zero-tolerance against corruption.

FlySpaces gives you access to a variety of coworking spaces and serviced offices across the city, giving you the flexibility to choose where and how you want to work without the need to sign long-term fixed contracts. For the ultimate flexibility, FlySpaces developed Passport - an all-access pass to a hand-picked selection of coworking spaces around your city. Learn more about Passport

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